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BackOffice Outsourcing Sp. z o.o. offers services to support the implementation of various projects, among others, concerning the establishment, transformation and liquidation of share-holding companies; we advise our Customers and represent them before competent authorities in connection with obtaining the necessary permits. Due to many years of experience in the banking sector, we help our Customers to obtain optimal financing of their activities.


We provide legal services and advice in all areas of law, in particular: commercial law, administrative law, real estate law, banking law, health and social insurance law, intellectual property law.


Legal advisers and lawyers with many years of experience provide effective and professional support.


When handling matters of our Customers, we usually work as a team. Each stage of work is verified and coordinated by the Partners. Thanks to this concept, all matters are handled in a quick, efficient and cost-effective manner. Every day we can count on a team of cooperating lawyers specialized in selected areas of law.
Having regard to the experience and specialization of our employees, we are convinced that we will be able to provide You with efficient legal services. This conviction results both from our professional experience, as well as competitive rates.

When determining our fees, we try to consider all relevant factors. We are committed to provide effective legal services at a reasonable price, and one of our priorities is striving to optimise and minimize any costs that could burden the Customer.
Legal aid may be provided depending on the Customer’s needs: at the BackOffice Outsourcing Sp. z o.o. headquarters, at the Customer’s headquarters, at a place indicated by the Customer, by fax or via the Internet.



BackOffice Outsourcing Sp. z o.o. offers monitoring of receivables from your Contractors. The service involves ensuring timely repayment of debts. It is based on telephone conversations between our staff and your Contractors and reminding them about the approaching date of repayment. As part of the monitoring of receivables we also send text messages and e-mail to remind your Contractors about the payment deadline and the need to repay their debts.

The Mail Handling Centre that generates, envelopes and sends letters reminding about the need to repay debts sends approx. 1 million payment reminders per month.



Our flagship service is the supervision of cashless transactions, which ensures the maximum possible safety, as well as timely repayment of debts by our Customers’ contractors.

The value of unpaid invoices and bills is estimated at hundreds of billions in Poland. This is the same amount that the state budget receives from taxes. Additionally, 100 thousand companies go bankrupt each year due to payment gridlocks. An easy and reliable way to recover debt is to entrust this task to professionals. The average debt collection efficiency in Poland is at 10%. We are effective in more than 90% of cases, because we focus on:

  • effective debt collection methods.


For a company fighting for survival on the market it is crucial. We cooperate with economists, lawyers, legal advisers and psychologists. Their knowledge, experience, skills and objectivity allow us to gain advantage over the debtor.

It often happens that the debtor has changed the address, sold the company, made essential legal or proprietary transformations, or liquidated the business.

In such cases, we determine the current addresses, explain the situation and immediately take appropriate actions.

  • supervision of repayments

Our success is determined by timely repayment of debts by debtors to creditors. If the contractor is in delay, we seek rapid debt repayment. If this is not feasible, we conclude an agreement with the debtor under conditions most favourable to our Customer. 

Each debt expires after the statutory period of time. Entrusting the matter to us means that we will secure the debt before its limitation period.

  • legal representation in the process of negotiations with insolvent debtors

The Court Department is not a “factory”; therefore, we treat each case individually. We do not succumb to routine. We always strive to satisfy creditors’ claims.



If the debtor does not respond to requests for payment and does not repay the money, we continue the case in court. In this way, we obtain an order of payment with an enforcement clause.

In proceedings by writ of payment and reminding proceedings BackOffice Outsourcing Sp. z o.o., in justified cases, covers the costs of legal representation, reserving the right to collect the costs from the debtor.



We are committed to effectively recover receivables by way of pre-trial negotiations. This method not always convinces the debtor to repay the debt within the prescribed time limit. In such cases, we try to obtain a judgement of the common court as soon as possible. That is because the debtor may avoid repayment of debts, although being obliged by the final judgement. In such situations, execution proceedings must be carried out very quickly.

We think that referring the case to enforcement proceedings may not produce the desired effect. The activities of a bailiff are not always efficient without supervision and support. Then, you should use the services of experienced lawyers. Our lawyers specialize in assisting enforcement proceedings and know its specifics.

Therefore, our service involves: 

  • supporting executive proceedings (enforcement proceedings).

It involves bringing the case to enforcement proceedings. An order involves the choice of a bailiff and the completion of all formalities, supervision over the activities related to the proceedings, control over the proceedings, providing the customer with information about each activity, obtaining a document stating the ineffectiveness of enforcement proceedings from the bailiff (in the absence of debtor’s assets), based on which the claim may be classified as deductible.