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Products » Digital printing

Digital printing technology allows us to very quickly produce low-cost works such as name cards, flyers, posters, folders, brochures, books and other printing materials.


Benefits of digital printing:

  • execution of orders “on the spot”, The preparation stage is very short and can be done whole printing other orders,
  • the quality of print is much higher than in the case of a typical printer or plotter, and is similar to the offset print,
  • the possibility of printing on many different surfaces and in a wide range of weights, e.g. coated paper, satin paper, chalked paper, offset paper, ornamental paper, textured paper, self-adhesive paper with weights from 60 to 35 g, in sizes up to 480 x 320 mm, as well as on self-adhesive films, structural films or adhesive films dedicated to digital printing in sizes up to 450 x 320 mm. Items made using digital print can be bonded – foiled, laminated, selectively varnished, embossed, die-cut or hot stamped.