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We offer our Customers services in many areas, among others, the production of:

  • name cards,
  • flyers,
  • posters,
  • folders,
  • brochures,
  • books,
  • other printing materials,
  • standard envelopes,
  • special envelopes.

Thanks to many years of experience our specialists provide effective and professional support.

When handling matters of our Customers, we usually work as a team. Each stage of work is verified and coordinated by the Management Board or Partners. Thanks to this concept, all matters are handled in a quick, efficient and cost-effective manner.
Having regard to the experience and specialization of our employees, we are convinced that we will be able to provide You with efficient service. This conviction results both from our professional experience, as well as competitive rates.

When determining our fees, we try to consider all relevant factors. We are committed to provide effective services at a reasonable price, and one of our priorities is striving to optimise and minimize any costs that could burden the Customer.


We are confident that our knowledge and experience will be useful also in Your business.