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About Us

We also deal with a wide range of matters relating to the current operation of companies, including, among others, commercial transactions (e.g. invoicing, preparation of statements or billings), internal organizational and legal issues, relations between company’s bodies, marketing actions, negotiations.


An essential element of such activities is a large amount of correspondence, which leads to issues associated with coordination. Companies that require regular and timely communication with their customers are forced to “produce” a myriad of correspondence. Also, companies that want to use mass mailing as a marketing tool will sooner or later face the dilemma of whether to coordinate this process on their own or to request the implementation to an external company.


Mass correspondence is an important element supporting the main activities in each company. It can relate to all kinds of information, such as: bank statements, credit card statements, sales invoices, electricity or gas bills, phone bills with billings. In this regard, correspondence becomes specialized and prepared under conditions of confidentiality.


Regardless of the area of application, in order to effectively correspond with customers, correspondence must be prepared by skilled employees with the utmost care and professionalism. Due to economic and legal reasons, it is worth considering mandating this task to an external company. Because of the involvement of crucial business elements, it is important that the chosen outsource provides the highest quality of service.


In summary, cooperation with our company excludes the costs associated with employment. In addition, we offer the best specialists affordable for every entrepreneur. We offer a free CASE STUDY with proposed problem solutions to our regular Customers.